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If you are looking for the fiction of Claire Watson or myredturtle please go to

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  1. just join RT, and was wondering if I could get the one you did in july so that this one is more understandable? Please?


  2. I was just wondering about your Harry Potter/Sherlock fic, where Harry was Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s nephew. I cannot find it here, but maybe somewhere else?

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    • That is Lightning Touched, which is a Rough Trade fic and still in progress. Once it’s finished I’ll post it. There is no projected date for that at this point.
      The first chapter/prologue is up in the Evil Author Day section, titled A Study In Family


    • No, not yet. It needs to be finished and then put through beta first. When that is done it will be posted here, an a notification sent to RT for the Past Projects page


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