Anything posted here has been written by me unless otherwise specifically stated. Please do not post the contents of this site anywhere else without my explicit permission. No canon character, situation or scenario belongs to me.  Anything canon still belongs to the writer or whomever laid official claim to them.

I write slash fanfiction, and may write het fanfiction. If this does not meet with your approval, please go elsewhere, I don’t want to know about it. Please do not read anything here if you are not over the age of consent in your country.

This is my space, and I reserve the right to limit visitation and ban users if I find their behaviour obnoxious.

Other than that, please enjoy.


9 responses to “Main

  1. just join RT, and was wondering if I could get the one you did in july so that this one is more understandable? Please?


  2. I was just wondering about your Harry Potter/Sherlock fic, where Harry was Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s nephew. I cannot find it here, but maybe somewhere else?

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    • That is Lightning Touched, which is a Rough Trade fic and still in progress. Once it’s finished I’ll post it. There is no projected date for that at this point.
      The first chapter/prologue is up in the Evil Author Day section, titled A Study In Family


    • No, not yet. It needs to be finished and then put through beta first. When that is done it will be posted here, an a notification sent to RT for the Past Projects page


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